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Fencing Basics

There are 3 types of weapons in fencing: foil, epee and saber. Advance Fencing focuses only on epee.

Fencing Equipment

For epee fencing, the equipment you'll need include epee weapon, body cord, helmet, glove, chest protector, plaster-on, fencing jacket and pants, fencing socks and shoes


Participating in tournaments is very important to enhance your skills. Fencers are required to obtain competitive membership with www.usafencing.org to be able to participate in tournaments. Tournaments are listed on both www.usafencing.org as well as www.askfred.net 

About Us

Fencing Master Marek Stepien

Master Stepien captained Poland's national team and was part of the four-man epee team that placed eighth at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. An accomplished all-around athlete, he also competed in the modern pentathlon (swimming, running, shooting, fencing, horseback riding) at the 1984 World Championships in Romania, and he qualified for the 1988 Olympic Pentathlon (in Seoul). The three-time European Fencing Championship participant twice won Poland's national championship (1989, 1990) and was Poland's top-ranked epee fencer in 1989, 1990, 1992 and 1995. He competed at the World Fencing Championships four times from 1989-1994.

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Video Gallery


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Ceramic Safety

USA Fencing Sep 2021 FCC Tournament Cadet (U17)


Celebration at Remenyik Oct 2021 Tournament

Fusion of Cultures

Award Ceremony at Remenyik Oct 2021 Tournament

Club Pictures

Team Picture at Remenyik Oct 2021 Tournament

Ceramic Safety

Physical Training Is As Important As Training The Mind

Failure is master, victory is not

The Chances Of Winning

About Advance Fencing

Advance Fencing is a fencing club in Orland Park, IL. The classes are held at the Lemont Park District Center

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Address: Centennial Community Center, Lemont Park District

Phone: 708-945-7766

Email: marekstepien@yahoo.com

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Centennial Community Center


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